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Bauhaus Cafe UK : Ashford

Bauhaus Cafe UK

About Bauhaus Cafe UK

The Bauhaus Cafe is not an ordinary cafe.  It is a place to sample and experience diverse forms and varieties of coffee and tea produced in the world. Just as there are tasting rooms and events for wine; and breweries, beer and cider festivals, we aim to bring you fresh coffee and tea like you have never tasted before.

Not only is the cafe a place to re-discover coffee but it is also a gallery, a space for meetings and for tasting food that you will only enjoy with us.

We don’t serve you coffee as you are accustomed to.  Instead, we bring you fresh roast coffee from places such as Costa Rica, Kenya, Guatemala and Ethiopia, to order.  In a short while, you will be able to take some home with you and we will give you some tips on how to serve it to get the best of of your coffee experience.

We are always evolving and would like to bring you products you would like, so we are happy to listen and improve our offers and services.


Coffee or sandwich on hold
The Bauhaus Cafe has a board where you can leave a yellow sticky note and buy a coffee for someone who can’t afford it because of life circumstances.  You can also buy a sandwich in the same way so please take a sticky note, write something on it and include your purchase, pay for it and put it on our board and we will make sure that it gets passed on to someone who needs it.

Shared Art
The Cafe offers art pads and materials for you to try your hand at drawing or colouring so please participate.  Leave your art behind so that someone can take over and carry on.

There are lots of games in the Cafe so please choose one and enjoy with your friends.

Charities We Support
In our first year, we will be supporting the The Flying Seagull Project - - so please donate generously.  The box is situated near our register.

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